Meet the Icon of Australia: The Koala

We want to introduce you to the icon of Australia. The sole reason Koala Cure exists. The Koala. 

Koalas are marsupials that are only found in Australia. Well known for their cute appearance,  sleepy lifestyle, and diet of eucalyptus leaves.


Quick Facts

  1. Koalas are marsupials native to Australia.

  2. Koalas are herbivorous animals known for their love of eucalyptus leaves, which make up the majority of their diet.

  3. Koalas have a strong sense of smell and use their nose to identify the species and quality of eucalyptus leaves.

  4. Koalas are relatively small animals, they measure about 60cm to 85cm long, and weigh about 14kg. 

  5. Koalas are known for their cute and cuddly appearance, but they can be aggressive when threatened.

  6. Koalas are mainly nocturnal and sleep for around 18-20 hours per day.

  7. Female koalas give birth to one joey (baby koala) at a time, which is carried in the mother's pouch for about six months before emerging.

  8. Koalas are marsupials, which means that they have a pouch in which they carry and nurse their young.

  9. Koalas have a highly developed sense of touch, which they use to manipulate and grasp branches and leaves.

  10. On the 11th of February 2022 an announcement was made that koala populations in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are now listed as endangered. 


the austalian koala - gray fluffy fur all over, big ears and an black nose

The Life of a Koala

Koalas live in cool and relatively moist forests full of eucalyptus trees.  These marsupials primarily depend on eucalyptus leaves for their food.  As their diet is so specialized, koalas have only one or two litters per year (usually about 1-2 joeys).

Koalas spend most of their time sleeping high up in the branches of trees where it is cooler than on the ground. They can also be found resting between tree trunks or lying down on branches if it's too hot outside. The average lifespan for wild koalas is 15 years while those living in captivity tend to live longer (around 25 years).

Fun Fact: Koalas have fingerprints similar to humans. These can be used to uniquely identify the animal.  


Where Can You Find Wild Koalas in Australia?

Koalas are only found in the wild in Australia, so it’s a strong reason to visit. 
The distribution of koalas covers much of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and a small area in South Australia.  

Most koala habitats are found in drier inland areas of eastern Australia, including woodlands and rainforests. However there are some coastal areas where koalas can survive by eating mangrove leaves during low tide periods when eucalyptus is not available for them.



The Sleeping Pattern of Koalas

Koalas have quite a different sleeping pattern compared to other mammals. They sleep for 18-20 hours a day, the longest amount of time spent sleeping among any land mammal. This long period of slumber is due to their nocturnal habits and the fact that they spend so much time asleep in trees during daylight hours.

The koala will usually sleep in trees or on the ground depending on its location, either alone or with a partner (usually another female). The koala's body position allows it to fall into deep sleep as quickly as possible (about ten minutes), making this animal one of the world's fastest sleepers. Koalas can also do something unique: they can actually stand upright while they are sleeping.


Why Do Koalas Mainly Eat Eucalyptus Leaves?

Koalas have a digestive system that is adapted to digest eucalyptus leaves. The leaves are very high in fiber and low in nutrients. Koalas can only digest about 30% of what's in a single leaf. In order to get the most out of their diet, they need to eat lots of them; this makes up for the time it takes for their gut bacteria to break down the tough fibers in eucalyptus leaves.

Fun Fact: Koalas have a unique scent due to their diet of eucalyptus leaves.

Koala Joeys are the Cutest

We all know that koalas are cute, we’re attracted to and have a caring sense to cuteness. Baby koalas are the pinnacle of cuteness. 
After koalas mate, the female koala gives birth to a joey. Joey is the term given to a baby koala.

Koala joeys are born after a gestation period of 35 days and then climb into the mother's pouch and attach to a nipple. The mother feeds her young for about six months and when they are ready to leave their mother's pouch, they ride around on her back while she looks for food.


Koalas are Secretly Superheroes. 

Did you know that koalas directly save other animal lives? Let’s explain. Koala’s are an umbrella species meaning it’s a species that, due to its large habitat requirements and other ecological characteristics, can provide protection for a number of other species that share its habitat. The conservation of an umbrella species can therefore have a positive impact on the conservation of many other species that coexist with it.

The conservation of eucalyptus forests can benefit not only koalas but also a number of other species that rely on these forests for habitat, including various birds, reptiles, kangaroos, wallabies, everything down to the smallest of insects. 

Why are Koalas Listed as Endangered animals?

In February 2022 an announcement was made that koala populations in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are now listed as endangered.  This news highlights the reality that koalas are on the path to extinction unless we change their course. 

Koalas are threatened by disease, habitat destruction, bushfires, vehicle strikes and dog attacks.  Extreme weather events can also play a role, destroying trees or altering habitable koala territory. Habitat loss is caused by humans clearing land for housing or farming, meaning there’s less space for koalas to roam and less food sources. Disease has also had a negative impact on koala populations.

There is Hope for Koalas. 

Our aim is to help koalas by highlighting their story to consumers of the cosmetic industry. Koala Cure is aware that koalas need assistance in the following three areas: environmental conservation, education & medical support and research. 

Proceeds from every purchase of Koala Balm saves koalas. We aim to support these key areas, allocate funds and provide news of progress on the ground from Australia.


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