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We are learning more and more about the plight of the natural world. We are seeing evidence that the wild world and its precious creatures need protection now more than ever.

The team at Koala Cure are witnessing the demise of the environment in Australia first-hand, every day. From their experiences working with wildlife, they are compelled to save koalas, Australia’s most iconic wildlife species. It is Koala Cure's goal to help provide a voice for koalas.

Koala populations in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are now listed as endangered. This is frightening considering koalas are only found in four states of Australia (QLD, NSW, VIC, SA). This announcement took place on the 11th of February, 2022. This news highlights the reality that koalas are on the path to extinction unless we change their course.  

There’s hope for the koala as we empower the wider public to take action. So, how do you bring the koala into the limelight and make saving wildlife mainstream? You bring it to what’s already mainstream and raise awareness within the thriving beauty & wellness industry!

We’re bringing the truth about koalas into the mainstream and dedicating proceeds from every sale of our hero product, Koala Balm, towards saving koalas.



 "Saving wildlife is everyone's responsibility, it needs to become mainstream. My dream is to save koalas and restore the environment."  


Candice Dixon - Koala Cure Founder


Founder Candice Dixon


Koala Cure was created when Candice Dixon’s two different worlds combined and her dream to save koalas came to life.


Media Background: As a TV presenter and producer, Candice always favoured media stories that had a focus on animals. From her decade of international travels reporting for Channel 7 Australia, Candice explored environmental topics and shared the voice of industry experts.  Candice wishes to continue to use her media platform to provide a voice for wildlife.


Wildlife Background: Candice’s calling to save koalas saw her join Currumbin Wildlife Hospital to provide a voice for animals at one of the world’s busiest wildlife hospitals. Through this role, Candice met heroic vets, vet nurses, researchers, rescuers, volunteers, and carers who worked around the clock saving wildlife. It’s the responsibility of every human to save the environment, yet it is left in the hands of very few.


It is Candice’s dream to save koalas and Koala Cure is the next step in making it reality.


 Allan Dixon - Koala Cure


Media Allan Dixon


Allan "Daxon" Dixon is a media creator and an animal advocate known for his unique approach to creating light-hearted, humorous content to promote animal conservation. He is most famously known for his quokka selfie which became a global phenomenon, reaching over 3 billion views.


Allan was a computer engineer who dropped it all to pursue a life of fulfillment and nature. Daxon uses his skills to create purposeful contributions to the world. Since the 2020 Australian bushfires, he has led campaigns to crowdfund hundreds of thousands of dollars to distribute to wildlife carers and wildlife hospitals as well as wildlife tourism and conservation organisations throughout Australia.


Koala Cure is delighted to have Allan on board leading our media and marketing.



Koala Cure’s hero product, Koala Balm, is just the beginning of our journey to saving koalas. 


We hope you’ll join us.



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