Mission & Vision


Unite the world to save koalas.  

 Our vision is to cure the Earth and its koalas by crafting products that are inspired by nature.


Koala Cure's goal is to make ‘saving wildlife’ mainstream. 

Proceeds from every purchase of Koala Balm saves koalas.



About Koala Cure


Koala Cure is a clean beauty & wellness brand built on our passion for wildlife & nature. We create products with purpose, with all ingredients derived from nature.  


Koala Cure is made in Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.  Although Burleigh is famous for its beaches, healthy lifestyle and surf culture, we know it for its precious koala habitat.  


The team at Koala Cure have seen first-hand the threats koalas are facing and aim to be the eyes and ears on the ground while creating a voice for koalas.  


Your purchase from Koala Cure will make a positive impact in restoring the population of wild koalas in Australia.  




Why Koalas?


Koalas are the symbol of Australia and an icon celebrated internationally but the truth is that they need to be urgently saved. Koala Cure is here to help because time is of the essence.  


People from all over the globe love koalas but this species is only found in Australia.  Within Australia, wild koalas are only found in four states (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia).  On the 11th of February 2022 an announcement was made that koala populations in Queensland, New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory are now listed as endangered.  This news highlights the reality that koalas are on the path to extinction unless we change their course


Koala populations are suffering and it’s a tough life for these harmless creatures that simply sleep most of the day.  The threats koalas face include: disease, habitat destruction, bushfires, vehicle strikes and dog attacks.  The plight of the koala is real yet the image of a koala is used to sell the Australian dream all around the world. Cute koala faces don’t come with a disclaimer that they are sick and dying in the wild.  


Koalas also play a vital role as ambassadors for other Australian wildlife species also at risk.  If we can save koalas, we can restore the environment.


We want to continue to share a habitat with these iconic creatures.  In fact, we need to share a habitat with these iconic creatures, their homes give us oxygen to breathe.  It’s a full circle.      


Start by joining our community @koalacure.



The Plan


Let's make saving wildlife mainstream, koalas need saving now.


Koala Cure is aware that koalas need assistance in the following three areas: environmental conservation, education & medical support and research. Proceeds from every purchase of Koala Balm saves koalas.


We aim to support these key areas, allocate funds and provide news of progress on the ground.


Environmental Conservation


At the centre of saving koalas is habitat protection.  The only food source for koalas is tree leaves (mainly from eucalypts). Koalas eat and spend their whole lives in trees! Without habitat, koalas will go extinct.  
Restoring habitat and encouraging eco-conscious practices are crucial for koala survival.  




How can people help koalas if they don’t know that they are in danger?  People need to know about the current situation and how to help them. Educational resources for the public, businesses and tourists are vital.   
We aim to provide a voice for the koalas and amplify messaging from trusted environmental groups.  


Medical Support and Research


Koalas are suffering from disease, habitat destruction, bushfires, vehicle strikes and dog attacks. Urgent medical assistance is required daily, and each koala life is precious.     
Research is particularly vital in saving koalas from chlamydia, a disease affecting infant, male, and female koalas.   


Saving koalas is an expensive exercise requiring expert knowledge, so we are proud to be supporting world-recognised hospitals, organisations and care groups.


You are invited to join our koala community. Everyone has an important role to play in saving koalas. You don’t need to be a vet or scientist to play your part. Start by joining our community @koalacure.


We’ve hit a moment in history where our steps are vital to preserving the koala.


It’s time to rewrite their story.


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