We plant one native Australian tree for every product sold

Planting you can trust

The key to this cause is transparency. We have partnered with a local koala organisation called 'Friends of the Koala' to support their tree planting mission. For every product of Koala Balm sold, we'll be donating $5 to plant one native Australian tree that supports the needs of koalas.

Planting with Friends of the Koala

in Lismore, New South Wales, Austarlia.


By planting trees and encouraging the natural regeneration of trees, you can help improve the habitat for koalas in areas where it has been fragmented by agriculture and development.

Trees provide a home and food source for koalas.

It's that simple. So if we want to save koalas, we need to plant more trees.

Why trees for koalas?

Koalas spend all their time climbing around in the branches of eucalyptus trees, eating the leaves of the trees, and sleeping in them. It's their home—and it's being destroyed by land clearing for agriculture, urban, and industrial development.  If we don't manage the effects of development and regenerate trees, endangered koalas will be extinct. 

$5 from every purchase of Koala Balm plants a tree for koalas.

Koala Cure is passionately committed to the ecological preservation of koalas and their habitat. You can feel good about using Koala Balm because you are supporting an all-natural company with purpose. Buy a Koala Balm to help us continue to plant more trees.

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How the planting works

Friends of the Koala has a plant nursery that facilitates the process of growing trees, from seeds to seedlings, and ultimately to the point of planting. Initially, seeds are carefully planted in pots that contain sand, which provides optimal conditions for the germination process. Following approximately a month of growth, each seedling is separated and transferred to individual pots to continue their growth journey. 


As they mature, the seedlings are transferred to even larger pots until they are ready to be planted in the Northern Rivers Region. It’s a community effort with some plants used by landowners to regenerate their land with these native first plants. Others are used as koala food trees to provide food for the temporary koalas at the Friends of the Koala center in need of care and support.

Research has shown that, depending on the season, koalas change their preferences for tree species. This prevents them from having to travel to find new species and limits their risks of being hit by cars and attacked by dogs. There should be a range of plant species available in their habitat that reflect seasonal changes.

Planting includes many different kinds of native plants—trees, shrubs, ground covers, grasses and rainforest plants.

As our cause progresses we will update you on it's growth and impact.

Thank you for your continued support.

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